BEDROOMS – Sexy & Inviting

Whether you have just moved into your new home or want to give a makeover to your old master bedroom, you need some exclusive ideas to make your bedroom design stand out. Having a spacious bedroom does not necessarily mean that you need to fill it up with an array of furniture. It only needs to combine all the bedroom designing elements together to create an ambiance. The bedroom has to be warm and cozy to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Decorate in Style

If you choose to decorate your bedroom yourself, instead of hiring a professional interior designer, then you need to do prior research. Giving your bedroom a new look is not a tough job provided you have some creative ideas up your sleeve. Traditional or contemporary, oriental or western or simply eclectic — pick your style first. It will also help you proceed in a systematic way while choosing furniture, fabrics and other decorative items for your bedroom.

Color is the Key

Choose colours for your bedroom wisely as colors play a key role in creating the desired mood. If you want to make your large bedroom feel comfy and warm you need brighter shades like orange, lemon yellow or rosy pink.You can think of contrast coloring schemes as well.


Aruba is located in the very heart of the southern Caribbean, a 2 ½ hour flight from Miami and about 15 miles north of Venezuela.

One of the Caribbean’s most popular island destinations, Aruba is at once breathtakingly serene and dramatically rugged at the same time. Sheltered from the Atlantic’s vicious currents and pounding waves, Aruba’s southern and western coasts are famous for their pristine white beaches framed by swaying palm trees. The beaches here are among the world’s best, and there are literally dozens to choose from. They’re surrounded by tranquil turquoise seas which plunge to 100 feet in some areas, and they provide remarkable visibility for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

In particular, Hadikurari Beach, located a little south of the lighthouse near the northwestern tip of Aruba, is known for terrific snorkeling. Those looking for exceptionally calm waters will enjoy Palm Beach, located alongside the island’s collection of high-rise hotels and casinos. Eagle Beach is another highly popular beach, especially with locals. It’s a beautiful picnic spot with plenty of shaded areas. Baby Beach is a great choice for families with children or for those who are not strong swimmers. The calm, shallow waters can be easily explored, and stunning coral can be seen in the channel. Most of the island’s best hotels are located on the islands northwestern coast.

An island of approximately 120,000 people, Aruba heavily depends on tourism; 70% of its gross domestic product is created by the thousands of visitors who flock to the island every year. About 730,000 visitors come to Aruba every year, as well as another 550,000 cruise ship passengers, 70% of which are from the United States. Venezuelans make up a large number of the remaining visitors. Aruba is fortunate to have one of the Caribbean region’s highest standards of living, as well as the lowest crime rate.

Visitors and locals alike never have a shortage of things to see and do on Aruba. Those looking for activities after dark are happy to discover that the island is well-known for its exciting nightlife, fine dining and eleven flashy casinos, some of which are open around the clock. Gourmands speak highly of Aruba’s restaurants with cuisines ranging from Indonesian to French to Japanese. Numerous dance-clubs, Vegas-inspired shows and dinner/party cruises provide endless options for energetic night owls.

Welcome! Or in other words, Bonbini! Coming to visit our beautiful island is easy, and we look forward to greeting you.

Entry Requirements:

Travel to Aruba from the USA, Canada, South America, Europe and the Caribbean is possible via most major carriers, either non-stop or with convenient connections. A current passport is required. American, Canadian, and EU citizens do not require visas, nor do most South Americans.

For information about entry requirements that applies to your particular situation, please contact:

The Directorate of Alien Integration, Policy and Admission Wilhelminastraat

31-33 Oranjestad, Aruba
Tel: (297) 5221500
Fax: (297) 5221505

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