CARIBBEAN STYLE & CULTURE 2014 – Celebrating Caribbean American Heritage

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cropped-barbados-romance-half-page-8x5.jpgHelmer Joseph

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12 CSC AWARD 1A tailor by trade and training, Haiti born Helmer Joseph is a demanding perfectionist who left Montreal for Paris shortly after completing his studies at Lasalle College. An outstanding technician and plastician, Helmer practiced his art for the benefit of some of the greatest names in fashion and the performing arts in France, Italy, Japan and Spain. Concurrently he worked on his own creations and completed his training in knits, embroidery, art and textile design. An alchemist of volumes, Helmer creates fashions free of superfluity, minimalism and fluff. His constant quest for perfection and refinement eventually led him back to Montreal, where he could more effectively devote himself to his art. He put his 20 years of European know-how at the service of Philippe Dubuc and teaching. He also crafted costumes for the stage and wedding dresses reflecting a daring blend of techniques, styles and materials. Some of his limited-edition creations are available in the great fashion capitals. Helmer…exclusively for the elegant!

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