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“Kingston Style”

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Inspired by ethnic prints and designs, Mutamba’s creations are interesting and an exciting mixture of colors and fabrics. Artistically charged outfits blend everyday simple Street Style with evening elegance. MUTAMBA designs is a line designed by Jacqui Cohen. She has been in the Fashion Industry for years and is a regular fixture at Caribbean Fashion Week, as a featured Jamaican designer. Her pieces are ethnic inspired, with Indian and African fabrics used to construct modern pieces. 

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stella-jean-vogue-25july13-pr_7_592x888Former Model STELLA JEAN

stella jean 1 stella jean 2 stella jean 3 stella jean 4 stella jean 5 stella jean 6 stella jeanSpring Summer 2016 Collection.

Stella-Jean-04 Stella-Jean-05Autumn/Winter 2014-15

Stella Jean is an emerging Haitian-Italian fashion designer and former model, whose cultural identity often provides inspiration for her eponymous label.

  • She is a mother of two, and resides in Rome with her children.
  • Jean, pronounced like the French word for John, was born in 1979 and raised in Rome to a Haitian mother, Violette Jean, and an Italian father, Marcello Novarino.
  • Her decision to use her mother’s maiden name for the brand was in order to equally represent both parts of her heritage; a consideration that is also evident in her collections.
  • Jean was studying political science at Sapienza University of Rome, when she dropped out to model for Egon von Fürstenberg, the fashion designer and ex-husband of Diane von Fürstenberg.
  • In July 2011, after turning her hand to design, self-taught Jean became one of the winners of the prestigious Vogue Italia talent contest Who Is On Next; despite the fact that her application had been previously been rejected two years in a row.
  • In September 2012, Jean presented her debut collection at Milan Fashion Week.
  • Jean has established her signature aesthetic as a merging of the exoticism of her creole heritage and the craftsmanship of her Italian roots. The result is classic feminine tailoring – cinched-in waists and dirndl skirts infused with bold tribal prints and color.
  • “I want to communicate through clothes a concept of opposite worlds and traditions fusing together in a sophisticated way and standing side by side with equal importance, not covering the other up,” Jean said.
  • In September 2013, Giorgio Armani – in an unprecedented move – personally selected Jean’s spring/summer 2014 collection to show at his 550-seat Teatro show space during Milan Fashion Week.1-stella-jean-spring-2015-MFW stellajean12Stella JeanCSC 54Elegant Invitations


charles-dieujustephotoCharles cd.1

The elegance of New York City, along with the picturesque visions of his native Haiti– with its rich culture full of life and ambiance, plush green mountains and a colorful array of flowers, became the spark which ignited his passion as a fashion designer. His family, savvy with textiles and knowledgeable in the art of garment-making, gave him the exposure he needed to teach himself the skills to begin his journey. With a strong educational background in fashion marketing and management from Berkeley and a two year dual-placement with contemporary fashion brands LaRok and Elizabeth and James, the vision of his collection began to emerge.

With a focus on quality garment construction and opulent textiles, Charles’ mission blends feminine sophistication, romanticism, and impeccable workmanship. Through a palette of vibrant colors and a splash of sensuality, Charles embodies the female physique with pieces that not only complement but exude signature style.

“Fashion is something that came in me as I grew up. Since I was, I believe around the age of 8 or 9, I told my mother my goal was to become an artist.” “As you may know, Haitians wouldn’t allow that for their child. As I am sure she wanted the best for me. But since I was young I wanted to study fine arts and everything that was involved with it.” “When I came to the states things changed. The older I got the more passionate I got when it came to the arts.” “However, garment making was in my family. One day it dawned on me why not fashion? Ultimately, at the very end its art or in other words wearable art.”

Charles cd.6 Charles cd
Charles cd.4 Charles cd.3

“In the future I am hoping to becoming a House Hold name. A House Hold name like Oscar De La Renta, Givenchy, Elie Saab.” “These designers inspire me to be great and this is the goal I am setting for myself.” “I am a start-up brand/company of 3 years.” “My goal is to be a part of New York Fashion Week. That goal I am sure is around the corner. Events in the future completely not sure. ” “All I can say is to stay tuned.”


Charles cd.2Charles Corvsky Dieujuste


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