The Caribbean Style & Culture Runway Showcase is a display of Fashion, Music and Art held annually in the month of June to commemorate and celebrate National Caribbean American Heritage Month.  Caribbean Style & Culture captures the flair, glamour and lavish elegance of the Caribbean, while spotlighting the dynamic and innovative Caribbean fashion industry and awarding the significant contributions the designers and models have made over the years. The event also serves as a platform for the newest collections from prominent and up-and-coming designers from the Caribbean and South American Region.

“STYLE EVOLUTION: Through the slave trade and other historical occurrences, Caribbean fashion has been influenced by that of African, Indian, European, Amerindian, and Asian traditions. Through time, evolution and tremendous growth in culture and technology, the layers of colonialism have molted away, paving the way for old and new fashion designers. Noticeably the fashion footprint has been steadily growing, providing Caribbean fashion to capture the world stage showcasing their unique aesthetic gifts.

This year’s show seeks to showcase the best of the evolution of Caribbean Fashion by
bringing you the work of some of the most talented designers all on one stage and adding
to that ensemble a mixture of dynamic and talented models and other artists that help to
bring this unique story to life. We hope you enjoy!

“STYLE EVOLUTION 2018 includes designers and models from Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago.


The Caribbean Style & Culture Awards and Fashion Showcase is managed by a vibrant group of talented professionals who all help to bring the show to life. Here are the members of our team.




Christian-B-Plate-AB.gif“People should be able to wear a Christian Boucaud piece 30 years later and still make a statement.”

Holder of the Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Service Industries Young Service Provider of the year Award 2013, Christian Boucaud started her label Christian Boucaud Designs officially in 2003. Always having a flair for fashion, she prides herself in lifting the mood and confidence of her clients by providing them with garments that are incomparable to any Caribbean or international designer.

With the intricate details and innovative manipulation of textures and the incomprehensible use of African print fabric that emulates the different layers of the Caribbean people. Her work has comfortably become a trademark by no doubt and often appearing effortless and timeless through her Caribbean fashion aesthetic. This she believes is responsible for the international interest in her label.


Kim-Co-Plate-ABNamed the Island designer of St.Vincent and the Grenadines at the 2008 Caribbean Fashion awards, Kimon Baptiste-St.Rose continues to be the top designer in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, she is highly sought after throughout the Caribbean for her expertise in fashion and pageantry as well as her glamorous non-traditional evening and bridal gowns and ready to wear clothing.

Her debut into the world of Fashion and runway shows came in December 1999 at the Fashion Caribbean show in St.Vincent & the Grenadines. Since then Kimon has worked alongside and assisted project runway  alumni designers such as Viktor Luna and Michael Costello.

 Kimon a former Miss St.Vincent and the Grenadines and a graduate of the University of the West Indies with a Bsc. In Management and Psychology has participated and represented her country in numerous fashion and cultural events including Carifesta,  Miami and New York Fashion weeks.

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Heather Jones PlateHeather Jones proudly states: “My inspiration comes from the rhythm, movement and passion of the islands. Hand-painted silk chiffons, in varied weights, in the vibrant colors of the tropics, filled with the energy and abundance of the Caribbean life. My collection is designed to reveal the romantic nature and sensuality of today’s woman.”

Heather is a quintessential artist of this millennium representing the transitional era of self-assertion and individuality. Her designs are motivated to make women feel good about themselves, to empower and inspire. The endless limitation of her work is like a powerful river with countless branches, which develops into outrageous waterfalls. Her work brings a divine blessing to each individual that comes into contact with her designs. They can imagine the warm tropical nights, cool sensuous days, deliciously soothing waters, the earthly rich flora of orchids and hibiscuses; all woven into the magical loom that Heather creates.

Heather has now become an icon in the fashion industry. She has taken fashion from an Idea into the global marketplace – endorsing her evolution with her recent claim to glory when she won the National Awards of Trinidad and Tobago Chaconia Gold Medal in 2009 for her contribution to fashion.


MJ Make Up




Christine Samuel is an award-winning Saint Lucian artist who is known for her work as a dancer, dance tutor and choreographer.  After retiring from many years as a theatre arts teacher at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School, Christine turned her creative talents to designing.  Under her brand Christy Creations, she uses her artistic skills in the visual arts to produce original ladies bags that reflect vibrant Saint Lucian/Caribbean artistry and beauty.

Every Christy Creations bag is individually created, hand painted, and fashioned with selected accessories. The bags from Christy creations are today attracting increasing local and regional attention. Over the last three years, she has showcased her work at the annual Saint Lucia /Taiwan Trade Exhibitions. In 2016 she participated in Suriname Fashion Week. Christine was a featured designer in the prestigious international “Hot Couture” event of the 2015 Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival and also in the popular local “Strut for a Cause”.


#Kerr-&-Marcelle-PlateKERR & MARCELLE DESIGNS was established in 2012 by these two you guys Tyron Kerr and Kern Marcelle, we went to a bridal exposition at center of excellence and basically it was as any other so using our skills and talent we decided to design our first collection, our first fashion event that we debuted  our first bridal collection in 2013 at the red runway fashion show one of the biggest local fashion shows that showcases local designers and upcoming designers and models, we then got our first bride and pageant delegate which we outfitted the bride and the delegate in our original designs

In 2014 we were approached by the FETT organization around to carnival season to be a part of their fashion event where we debuted our second collection which was ready wear clothing that persons can easily and comfortably wear to parties clubs or fete in that same year we did miss carnival queen pageant Point Fortin where we outfitted one of the delegates we went on to do graduation dresses sewing for Pennywise Cosmetics and two other brides and bridal party outfitting them with our original designs.  We did from cakes to makeup and even outfitting the bride’s mothers and outfitted one of the delegates of Miss Fabulous Plus Pageant.

In 2015, we started off with this Miss Global International Fashion Show and also outfitted one of the delegates, including the Master of Ceremonies for the pageant and the former Miss Global International T&T.





Nadia Thomas Winter has spent most of her adult life focusing on the Arts, Fashion, and Education. As a child, she was influenced by her uncle, who is a self-taught artist. Her mother was born and raised alongside the banks of the Berbice River (Haraculi). The fact that she came from a generation of self-taught seamstresses was a major influence in her becoming a designer. Nadia spent her early days at her grandmother’s house (Haraculi and Ebini Ranch) Berbice River. She later moved to Georgetown with her parents and siblings where she attended High School, E.R Burrows School of Arts and the University of Guyana.

Nadia began designing in the late 90’s while she was a student at the E.R. Burrowes School of Art. During this period, she was a model for designers such as Derrick Moore. In 2003, she worked with Hits and Jams creating costumes for their large Mashramani band. They came second in the road march, and this was the first of many ventures for Nadia.

In 2006 Nadia and her two sons joined her husband in the British Virgin Islands. In that year she went into the education field focusing on Visual Arts. Over the years she was able to help nurture and be a role model to the young minds with whom she worked. During this time, Nadia participated in fashion shows and continued practicing the arts as a painter and illustrator. In 2009 she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

After many years as a designer and visual arts teacher, Nadia decided to expand her business.  In 2014, she collaborated with her niece Natalya Thomas and launched the DUO COLLECTION fashion brand. She wanted to move away from the traditional way of fashion designs as she knew it in Guyana. Instead of hand painted and tie dye techniques, she wanted her works to have a more regional appeal, and to be sold in stores.  Nadia used her illustrator and graphic design skills to create and develop the brand concepts, prints, and designs. She wanted the brand to reflect her roots and the pieces to reflect various aspects of Guyana in different forms such as its Historical structures, Flora and Fauna as well as her Amerindian Heritage.  Nadia also used her paintings in the production of the New Collection.

In 2016, Nadia and her niece participated in Guyana’s Golden Jubilee, where they showcased their new prints and swimsuits. Later that year the Thomas Winter shoe line was launched in Guyana.  The shoes can be found in Giftland Mall in Guyana as well as online.

A source of pride for Nadia is her young daughter who is also a budding fashion designer.  “My eight-year-old daughter loves to draw and design.  I have used her as a model in photoshoots. She wants to design her own clothing.  Her dad presented her with a sewing machine for Christmas, and since then her little mind and hands have been busy at work. I am very proud to have an influence on her, and we are working on her new Kids Line, which will be out in a few months”.



Eliette Lesuperbe Plate

ELIETTE LESUPERBE is a French Stylist and Fashion Designer from Guadeloupe.  She has been working in the fashion industry for the past ten years and is among the best in the French Caribbean. She is presently located in Abymes, Guadeloupe.

Fashion and design have always been a passion of Eliette, which led her to work in this field. Her passion for the fashion industry became evident by the affirmation of her taste, as well as the observation of the beauty of the world.

Her career path started with a basic training, which led her to Paris in a Fashion school, and the completion of a Master 1 in Guadeloupe.

In her pursuit of perfection, she combines elegance with creativity in her own fashion style. Eliette’s desire to enhance the fashion of both genders has allowed her to put her own footprint in the fashion industry. Her creativity is strongly influenced by African, European and Caribbean origins.

Eliette LESUPERBE believes that to do this job, you need to be passionate, rigorous, focused and creative enough to bring out the true beauty in others. Her sources of inspiration are constantly evolving, in order to meet the needs of her clients, as well as the trends that are changing within the fashion industry.

Within the framework of the Guadeloupean Fashion industry, Eliette LESUPERBE has been requested to attend several events on the local, national and international level, such as: Hair World, Paris Trade Fair, Style Week Jamaica and The Touch of France which was organized by the French Ambassador of Jamaica, in collaboration with the French Institute of Cooperation with the Caribbean (ICFC).

Over the past decade of her career, Eliette has garnered a vast amount of exposure, having participated in scores of notable fashion events both locally and internationally including: Plitz New York Fashion Week, Black Expo Design in Canada, The Premiere Fashion of Martinique, Fashion Week of Bruxelles; Martinique Fashion Week, Haiti Fashion Week and many more.

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Helmer-Joseph-PlateA tailor by trade and training, Helmer Joseph is a demanding perfectionist who left Montreal for Paris shortly after completing his studies at Lasalle College. An outstanding technician and plastician, Helmer practiced his art for the benefit of some of the greatest names in fashion and the performing arts in France, Italy, Japan and Spain. Concurrently he worked on his own creations and completed his training in knits, embroidery, art and textile design. An alchemist of volumes, Helmer creates fashions free of superfluity, minimalism and fluff. His constant quest for perfection and refinement eventually led him back to Montreal, where he could more effectively devote himself to his art. He put his 20 years of European know-how at the service of Philippe Dubuc and teaching. He also crafted costumes for the stage and wedding dresses reflecting a daring blend of techniques, styles and materials. Some of his limited-edition creations are available in the great fashion capitals. Helmer…exclusively for the elegant!




Peta-Gaye Bellas hails from the island of Jamaica. The 28-year-old Edna Manley College graduate launched her fashion line Lust Yush Designs in 2012. Her first collection was launched in 2013, Her second collection “Blanco Moda” – was launched in 2016. In 2017, she participated in her third show “Fashion Meets Goddesses and Queens” 2017; which was based on highlighting the beauty of plus size women.  Lust Yush Designs is promoted through fashion shows, trunk shows, pop-up shops and their very own annual fashion showcase. Peta-Gaye has also designed outfits for up and coming Jamaican artists.

The young designer says that Lust Yush Designs is all about being comfortable in what you wear, being bold in whatever shape or size that you are in; being a boss lady, being confident, humble and full of self-love. Lust Yush Designs is trendy, classy, cultural and high fashion. The brand started with screen printing on t-shirts, crop tops, tote bags and beach bags.  Today, Peta-Gaye has her own studio space and is proud to see how much the brand has grown, from being a venture that started in her bedroom, to a well-known and well sought after brand.

Peta-Gaye pulled through a lot of obstacles and hurdles in life and is still jumping over them. She was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of four but she describes the disease as a bittersweet part of her life which gave her strength to prepare herself to be the woman she is today by being an inspiration, to motivate and encourage the persons who feel as if there is no hope.

QUINTON PEARSONDesigner-Pearson-Web-Plate

Quinton Pearson is a 26-year-old designer from Guyana. Growing up, his interest in art and craft kept developing.  In middle school, he started creating little dresses for his friend’s dolls. He was the guy all his friends would approach to get their drawings done for assignments and it continued throughout his high school life as well.  Quinton graduated from the E.R. Burrows School of Art with a specialty in Garment Construction and Fashion Design in 2017.

Quinton’s line “HOUSE OF PEARSON” was launched in 2014, and since then, has continued on his journey to improve his skills and talents as he intends to make a greater impact in Guyana and around the world by improving on quality and uniqueness of his work.

Quinton is one of the official designers for the Miss Global International Pageant in Guyana, and has been designing for the International Pageant for three years and has been awarded “Best Designed Gown” twice since. He was also awarded “Best Designed Gown” for the Miss World Guyana 2016 Pageant and has made his mark in the other renowned pageants in Guyana namely, Miss Universe Guyana and Miss Talented Teen Guyana.

 He also dabbles in many other aspects of fashion designing; Swimwear, Executive wear, Casual outfits and even a bit of Costume Design.

House of Pearson has showcased designs at many shows in Guyana, including The Rotaract Club’s Wine and Art event, Curlfete Guyana and many other charitable events.

Most recently he launched his second line of swimwear at STRUT II: Traits Model Management Fashion Showcase. This event was held in November 2017 at the Guyana Marriott Hotel where he was amongst regional and International designers.


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ARLENE-POSTARLENE VILLARULE – FELIX: After winning The Miss Afro Caribbean Pageant UK 2003, Arlene went on to work for the well renowned and respected GIORGIO ARMANI COSMETICS London. Arlene quickly established herself as one of the key members of the Armani cosmetics team through her unrivaled sales ability and ease with customers. She was well respected by her colleagues and gained attention from the Armani’s international team for her charm, elegance and strong makeup artistry skills. Arlene made personal appearances at the Giorgio Armani cosmetics counters in both Brown Thomas Dublin Ireland and Selfridges Birmingham. She was also featured in the Marie Claire Magazine as MUA to see when visiting the Armani Selfridges counter, Arlene was also selected to work for the GQ UK AWARDS 2005. She continued to shine as a trend setting Face Designer winning several store competitions. Arlene gave birth to her son and decided to move back to Trinidad permanently.

Since being back, she’s opened her very own makeup studio and worked on numerous project such as the Chogm 2009 with Designer Brian Mac Farlane’s production team, appeared in M PEOPLE TRINIDAD as MUA for Anya Ayoung-Chee’s PILLAR clothing line, was head makeup artist for the horror movie 3 stripes and was the featured makeup artist at the NTA’S ENTREPRENEURSHIP EXPO 2010. Her name began to spread quickly throughout the country for her on point techniques and was requested by several local icons such as Nadia Batson, Destra Garcia, Ravi B, Kes, Latoya Woods, Zan etc.

Arlene works as head makeup artist for the Digicel ad campaigns and press shoots, she was also the head MUA for the Fernandez add “Bold New Look”. She’s worked on the set of music videos, fashion shows and has been featured in the Guardian’s woman wise in an article “Cut Above the Rest” (Makeup artist) Being recognized as a master at bridal makeup, Arlene was asked to Feature as makeup artist in Maco Vol. 13.2 June/July 2011 wedding issue. She was interviewed and featured by several online magazines such as LOOKBOOK, RUNWAY STREET, BLUE SKY TIE DYE and CFstyle.com EDITOR

In addition to her broad range of talent and expertise, Arlene balances being a wife and mother of two. She continues to develop her craft and techniques and is always creating new and magnificent looks for her clients while maintaining the beauty factor.



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