CARIBBEAN STYLE & CULTURE 2017 – “Behind The Scenes”

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AR3A0084.jpgAR3A0088AR3A0085EliteAR3A0182Prep timeAR3A0173Natasha A. HarperAR3A0072AR3A0074AR3A0065


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MJ Make UpNatasha Harper, Mauricia DePeza, Uria Gallant & Jamicia Mc Calman

AR3A0007Midori Amae

CSC A1“MJ on Da Beat”


MJ Make Up

AR3A0113AR3A0176AR3A0193Jamicia Mc Calman

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PR7_5270.jpg11 CSC 2018 WHITE PLATE ab STYLE.

MM CSC Sponsor 2SHAUNAMM CSC SponsorMM CSC Sponsor 1


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