Embassy of Haiti – Expression of the Arts

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The Embassy of Haiti on June 27, 2019 in collaboration with KARIB NATION, Inc and HAITI RENEWAL ALLIANCE hosted an evening of “Cultural Expressions” as part the Annual Caribbean American Heritage Month observations.

The event also served as the launch of the “Diaspora Expressions Expo” exhibit which is a collection of artwork from the Diaspora community.

Ambassador Hervé Denis during brief remarks at the event said that he sought to partner with the Haiti Renewal Alliance and Karib Nation Inc. for the Annual Caribbean American Heritage Month Celebration because he wanted to “highlight and unveil the richness of Haiti’s culture and beauty specifically through the arts, from its culinary to fashion, music and vibrant art”.

“In essence, this is the main purpose behind tonight. To uplift and showcase everything about Haiti that we do not often see on the screens. To reintroduce a Haiti that is rich in legacy, even in the face of its current or ongoing challenges. Challenges do not redefine identity. If you ask me how I define Haiti, I would tell you that Haiti is not a person, it is every Haitian person, it is not a region but extends beyond that. It is not French or Creole, it is both. Haiti, my friends, is an everlasting idea and an inspiration of freedom, liberty and courage. Tonight, I hope you get to re-experience Haiti and see it through different lenses as the remainder of the evening takes you on a journey of the country I know and love,” the Ambassador told the gathering.

In addition to a show of Haitian cultural performances and a menu of Caribbean delicacies, the event saw the feature of a mini fashion show which was a sneak peek into the Caribbean Style and Culture Awards and Fashion Showcase which featured designers from Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Guyana and Haiti.

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