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Marcie De Santos is the designer behind the Guyanese women’s clothing designer brand MARSAE by Marcie De Santos. She started designing in earnest almost fourteen years ago and created the brand four years later. She won acclaim from her very first runway show, the Guyana Fashion Week 2008, where she was adjudged the best new designer. She subsequently impressed audiences on the international scene when she participated in several Caribbean regional and international runway shows in countries such as the British Virgin Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Antigua, the Dominican Republic, and the USA (New York).

MARSAE by Marcie De Santos has become renowned on the local scene and in the diaspora for its quality, fit, and unique hand-painted pieces, each with an exquisite color palette. The artwork represents a perfect fusion of the culture of the various ethnic groups that comprise the six races of Guyana, thus creating a broad appeal to women who want to exude femininity in exuberant, unique, and timeless outfits. She admits that her artwork is a fusion of the various cultures, though not deliberate, more of a subconscious influence of the ethnic and cultural diversity of Guyana. This brings to life the slogan of her brand, “Wear art meets fashion”. She is honored to list the current First Lady of Guyana, H.E. Arya Ali, among her clients

MARSAE by Marcie De Santos is more than just clothing. It’s an entire experience: Personalized service, superior quality, timeless styles, and superior fit. Each client is seen individually and allowed to present and discuss their requirements comfortably. Pieces are custom-made, off-the-rack, or altered (if necessary) to provide the perfect fit. Additionally, MARSAE by Marcie De Santos gives back by participating in shows and events hosted by several charitable organizations

In the near future, the brand is set to launch its gents’ line to satisfy its clients’ demands and provide the same quality experience to men who want to be uniquely styled.

Marsae: wear art meets fashion.

Facebook page:

Mobile: (592) 685-4545

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