ONICA NAAR is a Guyanese Makeup Artist & Aesthetician. Onica hails from the mining town of Linden, Region 10, and has over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry.  She has worked behind the scenes of pageantry, fashion shows, photoshoots, and weddings along with well-known celebrities and Artists.

At a young age, Onica discovered that she had a natural talent for cosmetology. After completing her education as a cosmetologist, she wanted to add makeup artistry to her list. She then completed her beginners and master makeup class with Bromeliad.rnc.  with well-known Guyanese makeup artist Renee Chester. Onica grew to love makeup and creating art so much more that she wanted to become even better. She then signed up for a master class with the infamous “Think pink cosmetics Amelia” by “Pinky” an international makeup artist based in Trinidad & Tobago. Onica was able to obtain her second pro-master certificate. Pinky became an inspiration for Onica within the industry because she thinks Pinky’s craft is incredible and has been aspiring to perfect her art to be just as amazing.

In 2012 Onica launched AURORA RUSH MAKEUP ARTISTRY a unique name and brand for her business. She then started her career in professional makeup artistry, becoming a  full-time makeup artist. She has worked tediously to gain knowledge about customer service, and products along with learning specific techniques.

Over the years, she gained a local clientele and further built her credentials which include, being a well-known bridal makeup artist.  In September 2018, the entrepreneur opened her second makeup studio to ensure her clients’ comfort and to expand in product retail.

Onica also has a passion for teaching, so she dedicates herself to sharing her knowledge to train individuals who desire to become professional makeup artists. She aims to express her talents by creating art giving each client the desired look to bring their beauty alive. Onica said that her dream as a makeup artist is to be globally recognized.  “I want to have the opportunity to collaborate with other makeup artists, top brands, designers,  models, and celebrities across the world while putting my country on the map to be seen in the beauty industry

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