The Pretty Poison manicure as seen on Jen Kao’s Spring 2012 runway

Black nails, colored tips were the order of the day at Jen Kao. CND nail artist Wanda Ruiz created “Lethal Love” diffused, gradation manicures that attract the eye with bold shades, This mani was shaded using airbrushing tools, using CND Colours in Midnight Sapphire, Anchor Blue, Rouge Red, and Green Scene for the tips, and Inkwell for the rest — topped with Air Dry Top Coat while wet for an Ombre finish.

The Ombre Nails


Handbags, like jewelry, are every woman’s best friend. Every woman loves her collection of handbags and by right she should. A handbag is used to carry all sorts of things, a wide variety of items, cosmetics, our ‘lady stuff’, purse, cell phone(s) and charger, a pair of slippers, extra piece of clothing etc. It is amazing sometimes what women carry around in their handbags daily. However, handbags are used not only for giving a stylish statement but also to complete the outer appearance while polishing your image. Am I right, ladies? All handbags are not for everyBODY, as for plus size women you can’t just buy a handbag, clutch or what have you, because it looks cute. The type of handbag for plus size women, can either make or break your whole image. Just like with pieces of clothing, accessories can help emphasize your best assets and minimise the unflattering areas that you want to draw attention away from.


As has been the trend in recent years, our tall and svelte Jamaican beauties has been representing in coveted spots on the runways of designer royalty like Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Rachel Roy and Lacoste, to name a few.


Raschell Osbourne!.. This stunning super star signed in Jamaica, Milan, Paris and New York has been blazing the catwalks, even in South Africa, with her killer curves and legs that go on forever! Four years in the business and she is not losing an ounce of steam – the mark of a true star. During one recent show season, Raschell booked a whopping 17, yes 17, shows for New York Fashion Week alone! Expected, right? I mean who can really resist such a vixen?
Raschell Osbourne
Raschell Osbourne
Raschell carries that spark into every room, which causes an outburst of happiness and joy almost spontaneously. Her smile is one in a million. She is fierce, edgy and simply wonderful. No wonder this ever fabulous yoga junkie makes those bookings seem so simple……


(Managed by Saint International/Jamaica – Why Not/Milan – Trump/NY, Elite, Paris.)

Sosheba Griffiths


Natural beauty remedies can be a great rival to cosmetic products due to its low prices, harmlessness and unquestionable effectiveness. Natural remedies are usually based on one miraculous component while others are just the complements. Even celebrities willingly use natural remedies to keep the beauty of their skin and hair, as well as to lose some extra pounds. For instance coconut and all its derivatives such as coconut oil, water and milk are the fave natural beauty ingredients of many celebrated females among whom are Madonna and Miranda Kerr. And actually no wonder as coconut is famous for its wonderful properties that are wholesome to keep beauty and health. Find out all the coconut beauty secrets to get shiny hair, glowing complexion and even enviably slim shape.

Ruth Augustine

The matter is that coconut or more exactly its derivatives, such as oil, water and milk have great nourishing and moisturizing properties for skin and hair, due to which coconut is so widely used in various beauty remedies set for face, hair and body care.

  • Apply the mixture of coconut oil, olive oil and lemon juice to wet hair, and cover it with towel for a half an hour, then rinse your hair with warm water and wash with your mild shampoo.
  • Mix 50z of solid coconut oil, 2 spoonsful of macadamia oil with several drops of lemon, lime and orange essential oils and add 60z of brown sugar. Massage the derived mixture into damp skin paying special attention to knees and elbows. And then wash off with warm water.

But don’t get carried away, as skincare containing high amount of coconut oil tends to clog pores that can lead to breakouts. Though, as usual everything is good in moderation.

Besides coconut is a key component of a great number of efficient diet plans due to its high saturated fat content. Moreover coconut oil as well as coconut milk contains the highest saturated fat level.

“Saturated fat is the most stable of all the natural fats and is therefore best for cooking with, as it doesn’t oxidise when heated,

says nutritionist Zoe Harcombe.

Sheroma Hodge, Miss BVI Universe 2011

Although coconut is rich in saturated fats, the latest scientific researches have shown that coconut oil is helpful in reducing abdominal obesity. And Miranda Kerr is the best confirmation to it, claiming that it is coconut oil that helps her to get rid of her baby weight. According to Miranda, just 4 tablespoons of coconut oil per day were enough to get her pre-pregnancy body back.




Take you fashionista status to new level and add a touch of sparkle to your look with this two-tone, edgy bob that’s low maintenance and versatile

Get the look: A graduated bob is cut and razored in front to create the fringe. Starting on the left, damp hair is primed with setting lotion, roller set on medium rollers and allowed to dry. The right is flat-ironed smooth and beveled under at the ends. Fringe is also flat-ironed to shape.


Keep your look playfully fun with this asymmetric bob full of gorgeous ringlets. A dark blonde color is added with golden chunky highlights on top for apop of brightness.

Get the look: To create soft curls, medium-to-small flexi rods are used and set with a foam wrap. Rods are removed after 90 minutes, curls are pulled apart and crème hairdress is applied. Run fingers through the coif at the roots to encourage volume and an unstructured look.


A blunt bob gets a dose of drama thanks to stacked layers and perfectly straight bangs. A chestnut blonde hue blends with the natural haircolor for a rich brunette effect.

Get the look: Hair is shampooed, conditioned and Wrapped or blown-dry before shaping. Using shears, an asymmetric blunt bob is created that’s layered in the back so strands won’t fall flat. Bangs are cut straight across. A flat iron smoothes the style and a light oil is used to finish.

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