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aDSC_9262Wadada Movement

Held in Washington D.C, Karib Nation Inc.,  celebrated their 8th Annual Caribbean Style and Culture Awards & Fashion Showcase on Saturday June 17, 2017.

However, before the official showcase, in honor of National Caribbean Heritage Month, the ambassador and special VIP guests from the diaspora were treated to a pre -showcase of what was to come over the weekend. Showcasing “Made in the Caribbean” fashion pieces from half a dozen fashion designers at the Guyana Embassy in Washington,DC.IMG_3600

Caribbean Cargo Business Alliance


But it was not all about the style and fashion. Recording artiste Dr. Chelsea Greene, the White House Dance Troupe and Guyanese Vocalist & Musician Eion Greaves, serenaded guests with their amazing voices and dance routines, respectively. Patrons were undeniably treated to a mouth full that would have ignited flames for them to attend the much anticipated 8th Annual Caribbean Style and Culture Awards & Fashion Showcase.






In my 5 plus years walking for Caribbean Designers and viewing their styles via social media, I must say that I was impressed with this year’s fashion showcase.

Jamaica’s Mamayashi Collection. Guyana’s ShaSha and Ryan Berkeley Designs. Trinbago’s Wadada Movement, St Vincent & The Grenadines – Peta Odini Sutherland, Commonwealth of Dominica Arthlene Lawrence, Guyana’s Andrew Harris and Puerto Rico’s Jeilyne Santana and i-Fashion Magazine all phenomenal presentations. But of course I had to choose my top 3.


#3. Trinidad’s Wadada Movement – These twin sisters are ready for their own fashion showcase. They embody confidence that a beauty queen would die for and energies an Olympic athlete would dream of having. And that confidence and energies which they both possess, transcends into every strand of their designs that causes any client or model to feel like a badass when fitted into their clothing. At least that’s how I felt when I strut the runway in their Summer/Spring 2017 “StreetWise” Collection. The well-tailored ready to wear “StreetWise” collection which consists of somber colors and breathable fabrics are undoubtedly one of my top 3 designs showcased at CSC 2017.

#2. Guyana’s ShaSha Designs – Keisha Edwards & ShaSha Designs, this brand has grown tremendously over the last 8 years. Throughout the past years ShaSha has become known for a her well-tailored formal and close cut silhouette pieces.

However, fans were treated to much of a surprise when the 2017 “Synesthesia” collection hit the runway at the CSC 2017 in Maryland. With its flamboyance and artistic hand painted designs, the ready to wear collection caught the eyes of many present.

And though this brand new resort collection was unlike what ShaSha has become known for, one can attest that she did not disappoint her fan base and clients.

If you ask me, I would say, a ShaSha 2017 resort wear is what every woman needs in their closets to have that “Synesthesia” feeling.



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DSC_9660Mamayashi Collection

#1. St Vincent & The Grenadines, Peta Odini Designs – Four Words. One Location. NEW YORK FASHION WEEK.

That’s definitely where Peta Odini Designs are needed with the likes of Guyana’s Ryan Berkeley Designs.

“All Peta needs is a rapper to showcase one of her pieces in their music video and she’s unstoppable.” I could not have agreed more.

Peta’s cool, calm & collective personality like Wadada’s Movement, transcends into her craft which makes her pieces quite attractive.

Debuted at the CSC Fashion Showcase, the unisex collection which featured an array of pastel colors and prints is unquestionably my absolute fave. Whether you’re feeling for flip flops, sneakers or pumps, a Peta Odini Designs can be accompanied with them all.


In closing, all of the designers brought their A-game and proved to many that Caribbean men and women surely has something worth celebrating. Our Style, Culture, Fashion and Creativity is second to none.DSC_9940Ryan S. Berkeley Designs

The Karib Nation committee has done a fine job at selecting a diverse group of talented young creatives from across the Caribbean. As such I do look forward with much anticipation to see what they will bless our fashion taste buds with in the coming year.


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CARIBBEAN STYLE & CULTURE 2016 “Behind The Scenes”


In observance of National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, Karib Nation, Inc. hosted its 7th Annual CARIBBEAN STYLE & CULTURE AWARDS & FASHION SHOWCASE.

This spectacular event took place on Saturday, June 25, 2016 at the Samuel Riggs Alumni Center, University of Maryland Campus, and featured celebrated artists and fashion designers from across the Caribbean Region including Guyana, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia/London. Here’s a look “Behind The Scenes”



_1250720 _1250721 _1250735 _1250760 _1250920 (1) _1250939
20160706_192212img1467847035739The Hostess Ms. Chardelle Moore

(Host and Reporter of Fox 45, Fox Baltimore “Traffic” and anchor “BMORE LifeStyle“)

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